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Albums & EPs of the Month

Alternative, EP Review SISTERS – Diamonds of Gold

There’s something very attractive about quirky indie-pop, and though we could point to such sonic elements as reverb-soaked and high-pitched vocals and off-kilter melodies as reasons why, we think it’s better to just listen to the sound than try to … Continued

EP Review, Free Downloads Raye – Welcome To The Winter

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with 16-year-old talent Raye, now’s your chance to hear what she has to offer, because as her debut EP, Welcome To The Winter, shows, she’s a talent that’s very much worth your time and attention. With Raye’s … Continued

EP Review CunninLynguists, The Grouch, & Eligh – The WinterFire

Far from the depths of braggadocio are the CunninLynguists, The Grouch, and Eligh—three underappreciated hip-hop acts and artists we’ve covered since our site’s inception. There’s really no way of properly discounting the quality raps and productions they’ve all offered over … Continued

Electronic, EP Review Chiefs & Nick Acquroff – Inside Outside

We first came across Chiefs over a year ago, and one of the tracks that particularly stood out from his primal work was the Nick Acquroff-assisted “Stay”. Since our coming across the effort, the two have quietly been brewing up … Continued

Alternative, EP Review The Night VI – DIY

The Night VI has been a pretty consistent fixture when it comes to features here on HD, and since we always evaluate each song by its own merit, the fact that the band’s graced our new release feed on multiple … Continued

Electronic, EP Review Paperwhite – Magic

It’s perhaps a blanket statement to say that everyone loves the ’80s, but it can’t be denied that there’s definitely something alluring to the era. Show us someone who doesn’t get any form of enjoyment from all the ’80s specials … Continued