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hillydilly CHARTS

Albums & EPs of the Month

EP Review Daniel Caesar – Praise Break

Up until now, Toronto’s Daniel Caesar has remained a relatively hidden talent with a few unquestionably brilliant songs. His debut EP captured them all, really showcasing his immaculate vocals, and now, ready to step into the spotlight more is the singer-songwriter’s … Continued

Album Review, Alternative alt-J – This Is All Yours

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point that alt-J is a success story. Despite having embraced the kind of music that doesn’t normally get a lot of love on mainstream outlets, the group has still managed to bridge … Continued

Electronic, EP Review Josef Salvat – In Your Prime

There aren’t many artists without at least a track or two we’ve passed up, but Josef Salvat is an exception. The London-via-Sydney singer stormed onto our radar about a year and a half ago with his very first track, “This Life“, and ever … Continued

Dance, Disco Olympic Ayres – Leisureplex

Olympic Ayres is everything we love about disco’s recent return to relevance. We’ve seen many attempts to recreate sounds of the past, and more times than not, they simply fall short, but Olympic Ayres has greatly distanced themselves from this trend by focusing on a new sound that’s … Continued

Album Review, Alternative Sir Sly – You Haunt Me

Sir Sly has been slowly building a following for the past couple of years, but it’s only now that we’re finally treated to a full-length album of theirs. They’ve already worked with some great names like Vic Mensa, RAC, and … Continued

EP Review Nick Hakim – Where Will We Go Pt. 2

Nick Hakim has been on a hot streak for some time now, and today, we’ve another of his releases to share. The man’s been trickle-feeding his two-part EP for awhile, and ever since “Pour Another” released, the HD feed has … Continued