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Albums & EPs of the Month

Downtempo, Electronic Majid Jordan – A Place Like This

When you’re a part of OVO Sound, the record label founded by Drake and a few others, you know that whatever you release is going to get some serious attention. That’s the case with the mysteriously rising R&B duo, Majid … Continued

Chillwave, Electronic KANYON – Metromorphosis

We’re always amazed when an artist can constantly vary their sound, but still maintain a consistent level of quality with their releases, and KANYON certainly earns his place in this distinguishable niche with his debut EP, Metromorphosis. The multi-talented act (who’s not-so-surprisingly based in Australia), … Continued

Dance, Electronic Kilter – Shades

If you’re not familiar with Kilter, then you should brush up on your knowledge about up-and-coming Australian producers, because not only is this guy a talented artist, but it’s almost guaranteed that his best days are ahead of him. Case in … Continued

Electronic, EP Review Shlohmo & Jeremih – No More

It was rumored that Shlohmo and Jeremih were releasing a project together, but that was five months ago when they released their latest collaboration, the EP’s title track, “No More”. And now, in true modern day fashion, the pair have dropped the … Continued

Album Review, Downtempo Woman’s Hour – Conversations

Woman’s Hour has been bubbling under the surface for about a year now. They’ve made some waves here and there with singles like “Conversations” and “Darkest Place”, but it’s only with this, their debut album, that we finally get a … Continued

Album Review, Alternative Jungle – Jungle

Jungle has dedicated their sound to the type of funk you thought only existed in the ’70s. Their vocals often flirt with the falsetto end of the sonic spectrum, and while Jungle isn’t exactly the Bee Gees, we get the … Continued