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hillydilly CHARTS

Albums & EPs of the Month

Electronic, EP Review Brave Shores – Brave Shores

Toronto’s Brave Shores has a perfect record with us here at HD, and we’ve been behind them since they sent us their debut single “Never Come Down”, asserting that they’re at the pinnacle of fresh pop acts out there. Here, … Continued

Electronic, EP Review Halsey – Room 93

The entire electro-pop genre is currently flourishing. CHVRCHS, BROODS, and obviously Lorde are a few names that have been situating female-led electro-pop in the mainstream, and now, the 20-year-old and New Jersey-born songstress, Halsey, might be joining them. In her debut EP, Room 93, she lays down five phenomenal offerings that … Continued

Album Review, Dance Flight Facilities – Down To Earth

Flight Facilities have always been known for their interesting take on electronic-pop, and their ability to fuse dance music with instantly accessible song structures has turned them into one of Australia’s premiere musical exports. They’ve been steadily building their brand … Continued

EP Review, Free Albums Poldoore – Transient

If you find yourself craving instrumentals that float around hip-hop, soul, and jazz territories, Poldoore’s your man, and with his free new five-track EP, he’s your fix for the sound. From the new body of work, the Belgium-based producer’s already … Continued

Downtempo, Electronic Montgomery – New Clear War

Montgomery is the one-woman show behind New Clear War, and similarly to the first bit we’ve heard from her with “War Cry,” we’re quick to share with you a number of tracks that simply are electro-pop at its best. The … Continued

Album Review, Downtempo FURNS – FURNS

Throughout the past few years, we’ve been seeing new acts display great maturity in their music. We’ve seen this trend in all different genres, whether with orchestral-pop groups like London Grammar, or intricate electronic acts like Tennyson, and now, we’ve another name to add … Continued