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hillydilly CHARTS

Albums & EPs of the Month

Downtempo, Electronic Vök – Tension

You don’t have to visit Iceland to know that its landscape is incredible, and when it comes to their homegrown music, every act we take a liking to seems to weave that majestic scenery into their music. From the snow-peaked mountains … Continued

Album Review, Hip-Hop Logic – Under Pressure

We’ve been heralding Logic for some time. The Maryland-to-Los Angeles emcee has floored us with each of us his projects released, from Young Sinatra three years ago, to Young Sinatra: Undeniable after that, to slews of songs since, and ever since his … Continued

Electronic, EP Review VÉRITÉ – Echo

We found VÉRITÉ‘s inaugural single six months ago and couldn’t pass it up. Not long after that, her career simply exploded and her presence here on Hillydilly has been just as consistent. If you’re a regular reader here at HD, … Continued

EP Review Zella Day – Zella Day

Zella Day‘s second EP has been a very long time coming, but after hearing her new sound and all the great new material that’s on the track list, it’s almost a no-brainer to conclude that it’s been well worth the … Continued

Album Review, Electronic Kele – Trick

If you don’t know who Kele is, you might be more familiar with Bloc Party—a highly successful British band that’s been around for about a decade. Kele has been the lead singer for the group ever since its inception, but over the past … Continued

Album Review, Alternative The Preatures – Blue Planet Eyes

When rock and roll comes to mind, you may think of a bygone era of music that only exists on the radio. As trends would tell us, though, musical genres are continually reinvented, and when it comes to rock and … Continued