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2012 Trap Up: 15 Best Trap Remixes of 2012
Posted 1 year ago
on December 31st, 2012

Hilly Dilly is by no means a genre specific website, and I am by no means a trap aficionado. That being said, 2012 was a clear breakthrough year for electronic trap music into the mainstream. While a lot of electronic trap music can be a little too much some times (too noisy, repetitive, and uhhh… I think “ratchet” would be the most descriptive word), the hundreds of remixes of hit songs that make use of trap elements have yielded a plethora of more creative and melodic remixes. Here are what I believe to be the 15 best trap-influenced remixes of non-trap songs from 2012.



This song epitomizes the explosion of trap into the mainstream. 2 of the biggest artists in the world right now being perfectly remixed by arguably the top producer in the world right now into a radio/club friendly trapstyled hit.


This mash-up showcases the complete opposite side of trap. While the first one is energetic and faced paced and borrows the facepaced bweeps and bwoops from trap, this one is much more chilled though clearly still trap influenced due to the offbeat “heys” (“trap” in the title helps too). Cyril Hahn from HD’s home base, Vancouver, has firmly established himself as a talented rising star.


Sound Remedy blends trap and trance styles to perfection.


“I can just picture Daniel Craig’s walking silhouette on a background of a kaleidescope of Adeles in leopard print leggings shaking their big beautiful plus-sized curves in typical Bond intro theme style. Your first mission: twerk it”


You know how in the intro to this list I said that hardcore electronic trap can be a little too ratchet for most people, me included? Ya, well this tune is about as ratchet as it can get and as long as you’re prepared not to take a song too seriously, it just works. I wish the intro to every song was just Juicy J yelling “ratchet pussy” over and over again.


I think it’s the insightful lyrics that make this minimal trap, chopped-up r&b remix a great tune. They just speak to me. “Girl You Girl You Girl You Girl You Know You Know You Know Aaaa ” “Uuaa Ahuuu Uaaa Uuaa Ahuuu Uaaa Uuaa Ahuuu Uaaa Uuaa Ahuuu Uaaa” “Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey”. Poetry.


Diplo on the list again, though this time as part of Major Lazer. I think tubas provide the bass in this one at some point? Make that brass drop!


Simple yet effective.


Progressive pop-trap?


Probably the most conventional sounding electronic trap on this list. From electro banger to edm trap, courtesy of LOUDPVCK.


Tribal Trap! Great rhythms.


Not really trap and not really a remix, otherwise it would be much higher on the list. It does focus on a How To Dress Well sample, though, and has some “heys” in there and is so good it warrants being on this list.


Not labelled as such, but Flosstradamus traps the shit out of Lana’s Video Games. Baby, now you do.


If you watch Workaholics you’ll love this one.


I know RL Grime did a Mercy trap remix that is probably technically “better” and that this one is only a mashup, but I think that because Spinalshift’s is a little less noisy and makes use of some of the actual lyrics, I find this one more listenable.

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