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JPod the Beat Chef: An Introduction
Posted 1 year ago
on January 11th, 2013

We’ve had the privelege of writing about some very talented artists local to HD’s province of British Columbia, most recently including Cyril Hahn, and WMNSSTUDIES, among others. Today we bring you another talented British Columbian producer, JPOD the Beat Chef. To many people he might be just recognized as just “the guy who did that awesome Sublime remix” (posted below in case it slipped by you), but in reality he has built his name by being a consistent producer rather than a one-hit wonder. He has a very distinct bouncy bass style driven by usually reggae or soul vocals that makes you want to dance in the sun with your shirt off in a large crowd… but if you end up dancing in just your underpants in your room by yourself while listening to these newer remixes by him, we won’t judge you. In fact, it is encouraged.


Brendan Little Brendan Little Senior Writer

Brendan was raised in the Hillydilly hometown of Vancouver, Canada, and growing up was always playing and getting exposed to different types of music.