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Last Lynx – “The Arcade”
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Posted 12 months ago
on April 30th, 2013

Hopefully by now you’ve heard Last Lynx’s stellar debut EP, Ocean Reels. Along with the digital release of the album, the band released 300 copies of it on vinyl with artwork for each song done by the painter/artist Martin Bejbom. If you happened to purchase the EP, you would of noticed on the City Lights & Late Disco picture art a very small URL: http://www.playgroundsecrets.com/.

Now we are not going to spoil all your fun, but you’re going to have to find how to gain access to the secret site.  When you do however get into the site, there you will find a free download for “The Arcade”, access to the stems of 3 songs for remixing purposes & 3 different Last Lynx wallpapers for your computer’s background.

For any one of those rewards, you should probably get on that right away and find the password. No hints will be given here, so while you brainstorm how you’re going to find that code, check out their hidden new song below.

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