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Is Jack Magma the name of the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince? Sounds a little like it but it’s probably safe to rule that one out. He has managed to remain quite mysterious though, so for all we know he possibly could be.

This is the second single off his upcoming album An Electric Purple. “SuperPowers” and the first, “Cat Got Your Tongue?”, are downloadable for free HERE. “SuperPowers” is a lot more accessible than his debut, but judging just from the only two samples of his talent that are available, Magma has a lot of creativity and talent to offer. Even in this more accessible track he can’t contain himself all the way through and goes buckwild for the last minute of the track. It’s amazing, and you’re going to be looking forward to his next releases after hearing these.

Jack Magma SuperPowers
Jack Magma Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?