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The worst mistake you could make today is to let the ferocious-looking kitty in the cover art keep you from checking out this absolutely immersive effort from Los Angeles producer, Great Dane. It’s not an aggressive track in the slightest, and the energy inside is really the opposite of what the cover might suggest it is, which we appreciate. It’s chilled like a margarita on the moon, utilizing ethereal synths to convey an atmospherical ambiance, and the sound seems to start and end in infinity, if that makes any kind of sense; it’s got that enchanting, everlasting vibe to it, and it’ll be the most impeccable nighttime listen you’ve had in quite some time, guaranteed. Before you melt into the instrumental, though, make sure you mark February 25th on your memory bank, as it is the release date of Beta Cat, Great Dane’s sure-to-be spectacular sophomore full-length.

Great Dane Blue & Green