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Though we’ve already reported a remix of Madi Diaz’s “The Other Side” by Gold Fields, we just couldn’t help but share another variation of the soon-to-be-released track. Magic Man, the band behind the fresh effort here, allows its artistic breadth to oftentimes creep out of its niche sound, taking to artists like Madi Diaz to produce remixed tracks transforming indie-pop into electronic, and oftentimes, the results are a success. Unlike the house-inspired Gold Fields mix, Magic Man’s here instigated a dark and grungy start that’s picked up by a snare-based beat before continuing a low undertone below the voice of Diaz. Then, as the synth kicks and turns the tone of the track into an upbeat sonic compilation, we’re able to truly enjoy how two similar musical talents mesh as well as they do here.

The dreamy nature of the track is something to be respected for a group that is well-seasoned in remixes of songs that acoustically contrast the original work as a band. The idea that the clash of two indie artists can produce a quality electronic remix seems mildly outlandish until you give this song a listen, so do just that whilst waiting for Diaz’s upcoming EP, The Other Side (which includes both remixes and the original title track).

Madi Diaz The Other Side (Magic Man Remix)