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Benny Blanco has his hands on many things right now. From producing with Two Inch Punch under the moniker, BenZel, to having a hand in the smashing debut from Ryn Weaver, to co-producing Jessie Ware’s upcoming album, the NYC-based do-it-all has been everywhere, and recently, he remixed Mapei’s iconic “Don’t Wait” as part of her recently released six-track EP, Don’t Wait.

Every remix from this EP has been released previously, but the Benny Blanco remix is the only one we haven’t heard up until this point. Usually with these “leftovers” we’re privy to an effort that falls short of stark quality, but what we’re hearing here is undeniable, because, rather than abusing the original by taking it towards a sound that doesn’t fit the vocals at all, Benny adds subtle touches here and there, giving rise to something different enough, and yet, perfectly capturing all we enjoyed from the original track.

Purchase the Don’t Wait EP on iTunes.

Mapei Dont Wait (Benny Blanco Remix)