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Despite the rather ridiculous amount of time we devote to keeping tabs on all the releases that new artists put out every day, there will always be a few that fall through the cracks. That being said, it’s not hard to keep an eye out for the really good stuff, because bands like Paperwhite have done a great job keeping us engaged with great pop music that not only espouses the type of creativity that we like, but the attention to detail as well.

“Take Me Back” is an ’80s-inspired pop ballad through and through, and if anybody tries to argue us on that point, then they are in desperate need of a musical history lesson. All the synths and mellow beats birthed in a bygone era (OK, so maybe it was only, like, thirty years ago) have enjoyed quite the revival lately in indie-pop, so “Take Me Back” isn’t necessarily going to turn heads for jumping clear off the beaten path, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of praise. Simply put, Paperwhite’s found a formula that works for them, and proceeded to wring every last drop of potential out of it—while embarrassing a whole crop of contemporaries in the process. This brother-sister duo must’ve found some secret recipe that no one else has caught on to yet, because there’s really nothing else out there right now that’s so unabashedly pop, and yet so subtle in its delivery. You’d think that with such a creative commitment, and direct, simple, chord progressions and composition, that their music would get lost in a sea of other acts who are doing the same, but clearly there’s a lot more to it than what you’re greeted with initially. Listen to “Take Me Back” and try not groove out. You’ll probably fail.

Their last single, “Magic”, was quite the hit, too, we should say, and the caliber of this song leads us to believe they’ve got a good chance at replicating that success. Make sure you keep these two in your sights, because if the past is any indication of the future, then Paperwhite is probably going to get a lot bigger pretty soon.

Paperwhite Take Me Back