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Sir Sly has been a consistent force with their music thus far, but as far as having that one big single to launch them into the proverbial light, the trio has yet to achieve that. Today, we think the guys have that one track they’ve been looking for, and it’s with the debut single, “You Haunt Me”, from their forthcoming debut that’s going by the same name.

With big, momentous builds driven by heart-beating drums, nostalgic guitar melodies, and a radio-ready, singalong chorus, “You Haunt Me” has “hit” written all over it. So as far as building momentum towards their debut (dropping on September 16th) goes, we’ve no doubts Sir Sly is going to jump into the mainstream psyche of music with the release of the track, and later, their debut.

Pre-order You Haunt Me on iTunes (pre-orders start tomorrow).

[via Billboard]

Sir Sly You Haunt Me